Land of the Ice Bears: Expedition to Arctic Svalbard

This blog chronicles my expedition aboard the National Geographic Explorer to Arctic Svalbard. This opportunity was made possible through the Grosvenor Teacher Fellow Program. The program is a partnership between National Geographic Education and Lindblad Expeditions. The program is named in honor of Gilber Grosvenor, Chairman Emeritus National Geographic Society and Education Foundation Board. The goal of the program is to advance geographic literacy by engaging K-12 educators in field-based experiences that will be reflected in their teaching practice and shared with their professional and community networks

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Hornsund Fjord

June 23, 2014

Bird cliffs at Gnalnodden, Hornsund fjord.

Our first full day in Svalbard started with National Geographic Explorer cruising off shore on the west side of Spitzbergen, the largest island in this Arctic archipelago. An area with dramatic sheer cliffs, with thousands of nesting seabirds flying in and out, and beautiful Purple Saxifrage flowers blooming all around adding a pop of color to the landscape.
Purple Saxifrage

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